Praise for Kristin Williamson’s Work

“Kristin Williamson has done for Australian readers in Tanglewood what Mary McCarthy and Marilyn French did for American readers; she has presented a group of middle-class women facing social change and personal crisis over a period of decades.” Canberra Times.

“A compelling novel conceived in the turbulent waters at the interface of life and art…” Peter Carey.

“Tanglewood loops through four decades as it tells the story of three women learning to claim their place in the world…often wry and sardonic, always absorbing.” Glenda Adams.

“Williamson employs a quilt-like narrative structure, looping back and forth from time to time, place to place, character to character, with ease and clarity. It’s page-turning stuff, at times intriguing…” Geoff Sharrock, Australian Book Review.

“The book The Jacaranda Years is something of a rarity in today’s book scene –quality literature that is every bit as entertaining as popular fiction.” Tess Livingstone, Sunday Mail.

“Brothers to Us is a fascinating story and Williamson has set it out in clear, unadorned prose.” Tim Bowden, The Australian.

“The originality of the tale, the scale of persecution they dealt with and the final triumph over what can only be called tyranny, make Brothers to Us one of the great moral tales of South Africa, of international significance – utterly engrossing“. Thomas Keneally.

“I cannot think of another story that so encapsulates modern South Africa…The people of South Africa, Kristin Williamson found, ‘do not want revenge, but justice’. Her brilliant story of the heroic Watsons is proof that only the will is needed.” John Pilger.

‘Treading on Dreams will appeal to many –it’s literate, allusive, well crafted and coherent” Murray Waldren, The Australian.

In Women on the Rocks A tale of two convicts,“ Kristin Williamson skilfully applies the conventions of robust nineteenth –century drama to tell the timeless tale of women on the edge, making what they can of a strange world.”
Thomas Keneally.

David Williamson Behind the Scenes “is a uniquely personal yet objective three-dimensional, living, breathing portrait of one of Australia’s most notable artists. It’s also a vibrant social and theatrical history of the past 40 years…It should be a (deserved) best seller.” Diana Simmonds, Stagenoise.

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